China is a country with a long history. In ancient times, China hasn’t formed a concept of COUNTRY. People get together as family by a relationship of blood and race. The elders are called “The head of Clan”. They arrange, instruct and judge the affairs. The history can be traced to “Yan Huang”, “Yao”, “Shun”.

    In ancient times, many young people lack experience and always ask modestly the head of clan “How can I deal with it?” when they have problems. Then, the head of clan tells them loudly “Pamase!” “Pamase” means “Don’t be afraid!”, “Be brave!”, “Nothing is more terrible than death!” By saying this, the head of clan wants to encourage all young people to be brave and responsible!


    In modern times, China has many languages. In southern China, the most popular languages are Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka. In these three most popular languages, “Pamase” is deeply rooted in the hearts of every young people. To be a brave and responsible person is always the dream of younger generation.


    At the beginning of our company setting up in 2010, we choose “PAMASE” as our company name, aiming to encourage every colleague to be responsible and be brave to go towards the world and create a bright future!